Are The X-Men Officially In The MCU?

 The latest Marvel movie "The Marvels" is currently in theaters. There is a lot of talk about the movie itself but there is even more buzz about the mid-credit scene. 

The Marvels ends with Captain Monica Rambeau sealing up a hole in the fabric of the universe and trapping herself in an entirely different reality. In the mid-credit scene, she wakes up in an infirmary that looks like it may be the X-Mansion

There, she's greeted by Hank McCoy/Beast who tells her she's now in a reality parallel to her own. There is a version of Monica's mother Maria there but is different from the one we first met in Captain Marvel. She doesn't know who Monica is, and she's wearing a supersuit of her own. The suit is red and white and has two golden stars. That color scheme and stars on the suit hint that this version of Maria is playing the comic book character known as Binary. 

Binary often appeared in the Uncanny X-Men comic book series.


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