Why Solar Opposites Character Korvo Changed Voices?

 Many fans of the show "Solar Opposites" are wondering why the voice of the actor changed for the character Korvo. In the first 3 seasons of "Solar Opposites" the character Korvo was voiced by Justin Roiland. Justin is currently facing domestic violence charges.

While the case is going on Justin Roiland will not be a part of the "Solar Opposites" show. Justin is also the voice of Rick from "Rick and Morty". Adult Swim has also cut ties with Justin and plans to recast his voice acting roles. 

Solar Opposites producer Sydney Ryan spoke publicly about the recast in the show. 

"We didn't want to match the previous voice and felt like it would come across like we were doing a cover song. Solar is a show where wild stuff can happen, and since the aliens already have ray guns that can do all sorts of things, we thought it would be funny to use this in-show method to explain the voice change. Even with a big shift, we still wanted to preserve the humor and emotional aspects that we've built for Korvo over the years. We worked with our casting team, listened to a ton of auditions, and met with some incredible actors" - Sydney Ryan


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