Avelo Airlines Is Set To Launch

 Avelo airlines are slated to launch on April 28, 2021. 

The new airline will feature trips as low as $19. Avelo low-cost flights will mainly be on the west coast. 

The timing of starting a new airline is interesting, to say the least. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic airlines lost $46 billion. 

"I think it’s been a really good time to launch a new airline in the United States for several years now, I was starting to work on this back in 2015 and I ultimately put it on ice when I decided to go work with United. But I felt that there was a need for more seats in the market for quite some time. It’s a huge country, there’s very few players. There’s a lot of seats out there, but there’s very few carriers due to all the consolidation that’s occurred in the last 15-plus years. And I think there’s a lot of opportunities out there that have been created as consolidation has occurred and networks have evolved to become more streamlined for the remaining carriers." - Andrew Levy, Avelo Airlines CEO


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