Buildbox 3.2.2 Is Now Officially Live

The game development platform Buildbox has released the update 3.2.2. The update is live and can be downloaded on

Check out the full list of new features and fixes applied to 3.2.2 updates. 

Added: Android BACK button support
Added: Downscaled 2d animation positions
Added: Android haptic feedback
Added: Volume control for Sound node
Added: Set UI Text node
Added: SubScene KeyframeAnimation icons
Added: 2D World rendering optimization
Added: Prefer AMD and nVidia discrete graphics cards over Intel onboard
Added: Sliders for some physics elements
Added: Default value for score type
Added: Handling on Android and iOS for sharing without a score type set
Added: [JSAPI] level section, entity id
Added: [JSAPI] setWorldPosition for entities
Added: [JSAPI] Sound node volume attribute fixed: 2d animations position fix
Fixed: Crash on reset view of a random 3D game with No gravity using Wizard.
Fixed: Bones transformation fix
Fixed: FBX scene default scale
Fixed: Bug with failing auto updater on some Windows systems
Fixed: Ground reappearing when type is changed while hidden
Fixed: Msvc redist installer
Fixed: EnableTouch argument check
Fixed: Looped animations blend issues for FBX files
Fixed: Only necessary nav button options are visible on the mind map
Fixed: Crash related to component removal
Fixed: Rotation issue for some FBX files
Fixed: Save issue for win32 exports
Fixed: SetPathPosition parameter check
Fixed: Tooltip across whole app
Fixed: TouchPath PathMove nodes scene displacement
Fixed: Issue in Trail3D node related
Fixed: Reworked multi-monitor support. Window DP is now calculated from native API instead of relying on screen dp [Windows]
Fixed: Deleting destination installation folder on Windows before doing setup

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