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I had a chance to talk to the host of The SmarkSpot Podcast, Josh, and Leo. They give a weekly recap the 2 WWE flagship shows Raw and Smackdown plus pay-per0view events. They have 5 pillars to their show which are Wrestling, Weird, Beer, Beards, and Positivity.

The SmarkSpot Podcast shows an appreciation for beer, Give me some of your beers, IPA's, etc?

35102Our personal favorites are Dragon's Milk Imperial Stout from New Holland Brewery from Holland MI, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout from Chicago IL, and Zombie Dust American Pale Ale from Munster IN. Living in Indianapolis though, there are a ton of awesome local breweries we showcase every week on our podcast.

It's clear you guys enjoy doing the show but talk to me about some of the challenges you face from doing a weekly podcast?

Life gets in the way sometimes, especially doing a weekly show covering WWE every week. When there's a PPV, we have almost 12-15 hours of programming to cover, but we make it work and keep it as positive as possible in a very negative fandom that is the WWE Universe.

Summer Slam 1999 might be my favorite pay-per-views ever, what is one of the favorite pay-per-views?

Leo's pick - Bash at the Beach '96 When the NWO formed.
Josh's pick - Wrestlemania X7 Rock vs Stone Cold

How do you feel about Brock Lesner with one foot in WWE and one foot in UFC?

think we both agree that Brock's Universal Title run has been very lackluster. The booking hasn't been the greatest but the crowd will love it when he finally drops it. As for having another foot in the UFC, it's good. It was very "sports entertaining" when he called out Daniel Cormier after his match. The UFC needs Brock more than WWE does.

Do you feel there is a lack of real superstar talent in the WWE right now?

Absolutely not. This is the most stacked roster we've seen in years in both NXT & WWE. But it can be a double-edged sword as we've talked about on our podcast. Having so many incredible superstars, some of them have to take a step down in stories and rivalries as there are only so many hours in programming. Look at AoP(Authors Of Pain) for example. They are a dominant tag team and they are in a lackluster rivalry with Titus Worldwide. But when injuries occur (and they will), WWE will be ready to move superstars around to accommodate.

What's your favorite non-WWE promotion right now?

We are WWE fanboys in and out. We recognize there are many other wrestling promotions out there with immense talent, but regardless of personal opinion, WWE is the mountaintop in professional wrestling. Plus, there are only so many hours a week we dedicate to WWE that there isn't enough time to invest in another promotion.

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